Answering Life’s Most Important Question: Who Am I?


The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. ~ Mark Twain

Who Am I?

I awoke this morning with a smile in my heart. I completed my first day of Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience™. The theme was Who Am I? I have never asked myself this profound question. Why? Well, because I have been so busy being busy that I haven’t given a thought about who I am.

I do know several obvious things about myself. I’m a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, aunt, grandmother, and friend. I’m a published author, artist, educator, and documentary enthusiast. My favorite color is mauve rose. My favorite drink is water. I’m a country girl who was raised in the city. Although I identify as part of these life situations, these do not answer the profound questions, “Who Am I?”

After meditating, I said my prayers giving thanks for just being. However, the questions, “Who Am I?” still gnawed at my soul. For me to answer this question is to step back and review what I am not.

I am NOT the scared and tortured nine-year-old living in the home of a pedophile.

I am NOT the battered young mother of three living in the home of a sadistic abuser.

I am NOT the disillusioned Navy sailor living in fear of another physical attack and rape.

I am NOT the angry Black woman raging against institutionalized racism within academia.

I am NOT the lost woman searching for love from all the wrong men.

So, who am I?

I am the woman who is accountable for her life.

I am the woman who is responsible for her self-awareness.

I am the woman who is self-motivated.

I am the woman who is self-empowered.

I am the woman who is responsible for loving herself first so that I can love others.

Most important, I am ME. I cannot be duplicated. I am love and am lovable by those who truly are self-aware.

So, today, I was asked one of the most profound questions, which cannot be answered in this brief commentary. It can only be answered by each of my actions second-by-second. Therefore, I will continually work on pursuing the truth to the question, “Who Am I?”

Become a Princess Launch Party a Huge Success!


Princess Onxy™ Become a Princess Launch Party a Huge Success!
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Techny, Illinois

To launch the Princess Onyx™ Become a Princess Party brand, Author Clarissa Burton’s launch party was a huge success. The private party was held in Raytown, Missouri at a gorgeous, private residence for ten princesses and their parents or guardians. The theme was the celebration of girls of all skins tones. The décor was pastel pink, yellow, lavender, and fuchsia. Each princess was given a tiara, wand, and bracelet. Continue reading

Obsolescence Isn’t a Good Career Option


Upgrading your job skills is critical because your other alternative is obsolescence.

Nearly half of retail workers are at risk of losing their jobs to robots and other automation technology, according to a new report.

Several years ago, I had people argue me down saying I was a conspiracy theorists. Of course, that WASN’T the case. I had seen the ‘signs’ of technology taking over warehousing and some service industry jobs. I provided tangible proof. Yet, I was literally ‘shouted down’ as if I were an idiot. What can the naysayers say now?

If you are not in the technology industry, be aware of the changing employment industry tides. There will always be a place for your talents. It’s just that those places are changing and you MUST adapt. How? By learning how technology will impact your industry. You may need to learn a new skill, which isn’t a bad idea. If not, you will become as obsolete as the last iPhone version. Again, obsolescence isn’t a good career option.

UPDATE!!! It’s has come to past that those protesting for a higher minimum wage got what they wanted. Now, the game-changers are coming to past.

Entrepreneurs Never Reach the Finish Line


Do you struggle to fit into Corporate America? Do you struggle with the 9-to-5’ver rat race? You aren’t alone. I have been challenged with wanting to fit into the corporate environment just to find that something is missing. That ‘something’ for me is entrepreneurship. Not everyone is designed to be a corporate member. Also, not everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur. It takes a brave person to put 100% of themselves and finances into ideas that may lead to disappointment. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are willing to take the risks necessary to make their ideas come alive. Continue reading