Privately Owned Prisons: Do you have a reservation?

Prison2Privately Owned Prisons: Do you have a reservation?

Prison1Warrant(y): You had better pay that parking ticket.

You have worked hard all your life and have never been in legal trouble. Wait a minute. You may have an outstanding warrant for your immediate arrest due to an outstanding, $30 parking ticket you have forgotten about. Guess what? Prison may be your next home. Welcome to Hotel Fed: Your reservation awaits you. Continue reading Privately Owned Prisons: Do you have a reservation?

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Believe None of What You See

I remember my great-grandmother, Lillie Mae Jackson, sharing the following and one of her greatest witticisms with me: “Believe none of what you see and half of what you hear.”

I was a very little girl and wasn’t in elementary school when she shared that bit of wisdom. I don’t remember why she shared it with me; but as usual, I was very curious as to what it meant. So, I asked her to explain it to me. My beautiful, strong, and very wise great-grandmother explained it to me in story form. This is how I recall it. Continue reading Believe None of What You See

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Creating Young Authors Workshops 2016

The Creating Young Authors workbook provides young writers ages 7 years to 15 years the tools needed to improve their writing skills and steps to complete a draft for their first book including character development, scene development, creating a story outline, and publishing options.

BONUS: Young writers who complete the workshop will receive editing services and have their final draft published by Queen of the Pen Books™. Continue reading Creating Young Authors Workshops 2016

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I’m Terrified of Success

fear1_blackA new year. For many, a new resolution. For me, I do not resolve to place myself within a pressure cooker of cookie-cutter expectations. I have an admission to make. I’m terrified of success. I recently realized this fear. I also realized it’s fear is that keeps me focused on being successful at everything I do. Ironic, right? Continue reading I’m Terrified of Success

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UNLOCK YOUR MIND: We All Have a Story to Tell

mind workingEach of us has a story to tell. Although television, radio, magazine, and billboard advertisers want us to think otherwise, our stories are unique. You are unique. You were born with an individual soul and spirit that was placed within this universe to accomplish that which only you can accomplish via the talents only you have. Of course, there are similarities among peoples, but nothing is created without the individual. Continue reading UNLOCK YOUR MIND: We All Have a Story to Tell

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Empty Days

Some days I feel fantastic as if I can conquer the world. My emotional tank filled to the brim. Then, there are days when I feel blank, empty, feeling nothing at all. It’s during those empty days when I’m at my best. I accept humanity’s flaws and understand every day isn’t a party. Not everyone is charitable, accepting, good, or fair. Not everyone is a cheerleader of encouragement. I accept that I have a right to my emptiness that it’s perfectly human to not be that which others falsely expect – perfection. Continue reading Empty Days

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Travel: The Journey Continues


Available on Amazon and Createspace!

Travel Continued - cover-cropI am so stoked that my latest book of poetry, Travel: The Journey Continues, will be released June 30, 2015! It has taken me several years to compile some of my deepest emotions in words. It can be exhausting. That’s why it took me so long to complete Volume 2 of the Travel series. Continue reading Travel: The Journey Continues

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We Choose Happiness or Bitterness

Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, healthy or ill, adult or child, it COSTS YOU NOTHING to be kind.

Yesterday, I witnessed how people CHOOSE to be unhappy and attempt to poison another person’s spirit. I was at a local hardware retail store in a very upscale neighborhood. The sales clerk has the most beautiful and infectious smile along with her attitude. A female customer was complaining that the self-checkout was not open, which would have made it easier for her to get purchases done. The sales clerk continued smiling, greeted the angry customer with pleasantries, and completed her sales in a quick manner.

Continue reading We Choose Happiness or Bitterness

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Between Mothers and Daughters

102_0284 Between Mothers and Daughters

It’s difficult to say when the love/hate relationship began; but it appeared too soon for my liking. From the time I felt you shutter within me until the day we moved to the same city of your birth father, my love for you seemed flawless. Family Night Fridays, Girls-In-Action, and watching Louisiana cooking shows, life seemed so simple. Your silly laugh and awesome jokes made us gut-laugh. Who could have predicted our paths would come to such a crossroad of heightened emotions and estrangement. Continue reading Between Mothers and Daughters

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Everyone has a story to tell that only they can write.

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