Making My Corner of the World More Positive

I recently moved into a beautiful, culturally diverse Chicago community.  When I take my daily walks, I pay particular attention to how people interact with each other. Many are families with young children and teens; but a lot are older citizens who are in the prime of their lives.  Of all the negative news over the past few years, especially in Chicago, many may have lost faith in humanity.  For those, I ask that you step outside your living quarters, take a stroll throughout your community, and engage your fellow citizens.
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A Test of Faith

Today, I heard there is a new U.S. dollar coin that does not have the ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ slogan on the back. As I don’t watch a lot of mainstream news shows, the bit that I did catch was filled with talking heads who were in an uproar about this missing slogan. I don’t understand why anyone would be upset. However, before you start to pick the flesh from my limbs, let me explain.

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Kimberly Jessy is OBSESSED with Me – Intro

For more than two years, I have been subject to the horrible experience of cyber-stalking and harassment. During this harrowing time, I have done my best to stay positive and move on with accomplishing many wonderful things. However, I must confess that I have struggled greatly to contain my fears and distress. I have shared my concerns with a few close family members and friends.

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A Love Letter to Nature

I sat very still and focused on you surrounding me. You didn’t discriminate. You gently caressed the leaves of the trees’ and softly brushed my cheeks. You lit the skies with luminous brilliance and dotted it with fluffy, white clouds. You provided a winter harvest for the busy squirrel who scurried past me with stuffed cheeks while at the same time providing shelter amongst the tree branches for the twig-gathering wren.

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If Only For a Day

I love sharing positive messages and images. I am so connected to many spirits whom I have never met in person. I am thankful to have had such experiences. It’s because of this I have decided to open my home to my neighbors this holiday season. I will hand deliver invitation inviting them to share hot, apple cider, coffee, or wine along with gingerbread cookies with me. I want a different life with more positive human connection.

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On Writing Well

Writing is a time-consuming process. If you are serious about becoming a very good writer as well as a sought after writer, time commitment is vital. There will be times when you just don’t want to write. There will be times when you can’t seem to squeeze a single word out of your head. Fear not. Every writer experiences these crippling symptoms of writer’s block.

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On This Side of the Sun

As I worked out, I glanced up at the television playing in the gym. There it was, that thirty-second commercial about children in under-developed countries starving. I became overwhelmed with sadness and guilt. I waste a lot of food. Either I forget I bought a perishable item or I just don’t want to eat the item anymore. My heart breaks for as I am a mother and grandmother and I could not imagine my children or their children starving.

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Everyone has a story to tell that only they can write.

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