UNLOCK YOUR MIND: We All Have a Story to Tell

mind workingEach of us has a story to tell. Although television, radio, magazine, and billboard advertisers want us to think otherwise, our stories are unique. You are unique. You were born with an individual soul and spirit that was placed within this universe to accomplish that which only you can accomplish via the talents only you have. Of course, there are similarities among peoples, but nothing is created without the individual.

mind control groupsTake a few minutes an HONESTLY answer the following four basic questions about your participation on social media, for example, Facebook:

  1. How many times during a day do you access your Facebook account?
  2. How often do you find meaningless information populating your timeline?
  3. While on Facebook, do you often find yourself participating in meaningless activities and dialogues that add little to no value to your life?
  4. How often do you find yourself getting angry and/or depressed about another person’s Facebook post, when in the past if you had overheard the person’s conversation, you would have ignored it and moved onto something more meaningful and joyful?

Now, take a few minutes, and REALLY analyze your answers to the above-referenced questions. Again, social engineering via mind control is real.mind empty

I implore you to take an hour, 59 minutes, and 23 seconds out of your day to watch the following video, Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century. Afterwards, spend some self-quality time analyzing your participation on social media and decide if mindless propaganda has engulfed your life.

It’s individuals like you who can make this world a more creative, safe, and wondrous place to live. Acknowledge your worth.  Acknowledge your power. Telling your story is important. I look forward to reading them.

Empty Days

Some days I feel fantastic as if I can conquer the world. My emotional tank filled to the brim. Then, there are days when I feel blank, empty, feeling nothing at all. It’s during those empty days when I’m at my best. I accept humanity’s flaws and understand every day isn’t a party. Not everyone is charitable, accepting, good, or fair. Not everyone is a cheerleader of encouragement. I accept that I have a right to my emptiness that it’s perfectly human to not be that which others falsely expect – perfection. Continue reading Empty Days

Grieving Isn’t a Spectator Sport

grief1Why do some believe everyone should grieve openly and if you don’t, then you are cold and uncaring? When did my grief become a spectator sport? As individuals with individual emotions, we grieve differently. Some are pressured into grieving according to the terms of others. Why? Because some people aren’t comfortable being in tune with their deepest feelings. It can be scary to be alone with your deepest thoughts and emotions. Continue reading Grieving Isn’t a Spectator Sport

Saying ‘Goodbye’ to My Daddy


Today, I say, ‘goodbye’ to you while you still have breath. Your lungs are failing you and cancer has invaded every cell in your body. You no longer eat nor drink. You are preparing to transition.

Family members told me you kept calling the nurse by my name. When I arrived early Friday morning, you were in a drug-induced deep sleep. I leaned close to your ear and whispered, “Daddy, this is Renee. I’m here.” You opened your eyes wide, but didn’t respond. I asked if you knew who I was, but you seemed to stare right through me. My heart ached. Then, what seemed like a moment of clarity, you looked directly at me, smiled and said, “Renee.” Continue reading Saying ‘Goodbye’ to My Daddy

10 Powerful Words You Should Always Remember

Everyone wants to feel powerful. We all want to feel as if we are the masters of our own universes. Nothing builds confidence like having ownership. There are ways we can be powerful daily. It’s not dictatorial or tyrannical power. It’s personal power that builds confidence and emboldens individuals to do better each day. The following ten power words will help you regain your personal power. Continue reading 10 Powerful Words You Should Always Remember

Travel: The Journey Continues


Available on Amazon and Createspace!

Travel Continued - cover-cropI am so stoked that my latest book of poetry, Travel: The Journey Continues, will be released June 30, 2015! It has taken me several years to compile some of my deepest emotions in words. It can be exhausting. That’s why it took me so long to complete Volume 2 of the Travel series.

I do appreciate each of my readers’ support. It is such a humbling experience.

Through these pages, journey time and space with me as I share my most intimate thoughts.

Take a journey through a lifetime of essays . . . a lifetime of poems . . . a lifetime of short stories.

Feel the love. Feel the joy. Feel the pain.

My life is voiced through each character written on each page. I hope my writings encourage you to feel, laugh, and love. Most of all, I hope they inspire you to live the life you desire and deserve.

We Choose Happiness or Bitterness

Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, healthy or ill, adult or child, it COSTS YOU NOTHING to be kind.

Yesterday, I witnessed how people CHOOSE to be unhappy and attempt to poison another person’s spirit. I was at a local hardware retail store in a very upscale neighborhood. The sales clerk has the most beautiful and infectious smile along with her attitude. A female customer was complaining that the self-checkout was not open, which would have made it easier for her to get purchases done. The sales clerk continued smiling, greeted the angry customer with pleasantries, and completed her sales in a quick manner.

Continue reading We Choose Happiness or Bitterness

Starting New Every Day

Bootsie_Me_937x264As I awoke this morning to my cat, Bootsie’s, demands to get up and let him outside, I fussed at him because all I wanted to do was sleep a little past 6:30 a.m.  As I grudgingly climbed out of bed and pouting, I saw Bootsie’s beautiful, yellow eyes looking up at me and I smiled.  Here was an animal that depends on me 100% for his very existence.  Some may believe cats train their persons and do not need us.  However, I know better.  Bootsie and I need each other; and every day I get the chance to start anew; to live and love Bootsie the best I know how.

Continue reading Starting New Every Day

Everyone has a story to tell that only they can write.

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