Between Mothers and Daughters

102_0284 Between Mothers and Daughters

It’s difficult to say when the love/hate relationship began; but it appeared too soon for my liking. From the time I felt you shutter within me until the day we moved to the same city of your birth father, my love for you seemed flawless. Family Night Fridays, Girls-In-Action, and watching Louisiana cooking shows, life seemed so simple. Your silly laugh and awesome jokes made us gut-laugh. Who could have predicted our paths would come to such a crossroad of heightened emotions and estrangement. Continue reading Between Mothers and Daughters

Starting New Every Day

Bootsie_Me_937x264As I awoke this morning to my cat, Bootsie’s, demands to get up and let him outside, I fussed at him because all I wanted to do was sleep a little past 6:30 a.m.  As I grudgingly climbed out of bed and pouting, I saw Bootsie’s beautiful, yellow eyes looking up at me and I smiled.  Here was an animal that depends on me 100% for his very existence.  Some may believe cats train their persons and do not need us.  However, I know better.  Bootsie and I need each other; and every day I get the chance to start anew; to live and love Bootsie the best I know how.

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Making My Corner of the World More Positive

I recently moved into a beautiful, culturally diverse Chicago community.  When I take my daily walks, I pay particular attention to how people interact with each other. Many are families with young children and teens; but a lot are older citizens who are in the prime of their lives.  Of all the negative news over the past few years, especially in Chicago, many may have lost faith in humanity.  For those, I ask that you step outside your living quarters, take a stroll throughout your community, and engage your fellow citizens.
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Everyone has a story to tell that only they can write.

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